How to apply for jobs in Canada from India?

If you wish to apply jobs in Canada from India, you have to follow a highly structured and well-planned strategy. The following pointers will help you in following the pathway to obtaining Canadian jobs from India.

You have to surf the job search sites as well as classified sections of Newspapers to find out the companies that are hiring. Canada Job Bank has around 2,000 fresh job postings on a day-to-day basis. You can also take the assistance of the services of employment agencies. For example, Service Canada can enroll you for training help and employment services from Government.

If any Canada Job Search fairs are held in the city or town of your residence, you can also attend such events. It increases your prospects of connecting with an employer and discussing job opportunities. After you are successful in identifying the suitable job opportunities, you can apply jobs in Canada from India by submitting:

·         Cover Letter – explaining your suitability for the job position

·         Resume – eliciting all your work experience and qualifications

The decision whether to contact you or not for a job interview remains with the employer after you submit the Resume and Cover Letter. The initial screening can be through Skype or any digital platform. You may be asked to appear for a face-to-face interview if you are considered to be suitable and competent for the job. The job interview will enable you to understand better the job roles, the company, and if you wish to work for the company or not.

The employer in Canada will offer you an official job offer letter if you are selected for the job.

Ways to increase your prospects of getting a Canadian job

You can increase your chances of obtaining a job in Canada in various ways. Some of the chief methods include the following:


Finding a job in Canada becomes easier if you have a network of contacts. Networking helps you in broadening the job search avenues and increases your search area. It is also helpful in seeking jobs in Canada’s job market that are not advertised on popular platforms.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering work implies performing services voluntarily and with no pay. Volunteer work offers you the following advantages:

·         Obtain work experience in Canada

·         Enhance your proficiency in either French or English language

·         Expand your network

·         Demonstrates that you are ready for hard work

·         Identifying suitable contacts who can be your references

Bridging Programs

Bridging Programs help overseas trained tradespeople and professionals in obtaining a certificate or license for integration into the workplace in Canada. A few of the important services offered by bridging programs include:

·         Courses

·         Education and Skills assessment

·         Workplace experience

·         Help in preparation for an exam for a certificate or license

·         Training in Language

·         Learning and action plans

Alternative Jobs

You can learn about your industry or profession in Canada while working in an alternative job. Moreover, you can also obtain a license for working in a regulated trade or occupation.

Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

FINP is for qualified citizens or permanent residents of Canada that permits them to obtain valuable short-term work experience and training in Canada.

Seek a Mentor

Several business people and professionals in Canada offer free coaching and advice to immigrants. You can obtain a mentor through a few of the following organizations:

·         ISANS – Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia

·         CRIEC – Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council

·         OCISO – Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization

·         ERIEC – Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

·         TRIEC – Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Minimum IELTS score for Canada Express Entry

You will require a minimum of 6 band scores in each section of IELTS for the Canada PR Visa application through the Express Entry System. If you secure a 6 band score you can also submit your profile for nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program.

However, there are several PNPs that have a minimum IELTS requirement of less than 6 bands.  But it is always advisable that you aim to score 7 or 8 bands so that your chance of obtaining the ITA increases. A higher score in IELTS increases the overall CRS score.

Once you file your profile in the Express Entry pool, you will be offered a CRS score based on the details you have provided. You can then obtain the ITA if your score equals the cut-off score specified for an Express Entry draw. You can also prepare better and re-appear for the IELTS test for improving your band score.

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Meta-description: If you wish to apply jobs in Canada from India, you have to follow a highly structured, well-planned strategy & can also seek professional Job Search Services 

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