Reasons To Embed Instagram Feed On Google Sites

embed Instagram feed on Google sites

Instagram is, without a doubt, a tremendously fascinating social networking site, as seen by its large user base.

Smart businesses and marketers have begun integrating social media material, mostly Instagram content, into significant marketing touchpoints, including their brand website, to make the most of it.

If you’re new to the notion and aren’t sure how it will benefit your business in the long term, you’ve come to the correct spot!

This blog post will go through some of the reasons why you should embed Instagram feed on Google sites. We are confident that by the conclusion of this piece, you will be completely motivated and convinced to implement this very effective marketing plan in your company.

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feed On Your Google Website? 

#1 Significantly increased website engagement

Your website is the first main point of contact between your brand and potential clients. As a result, it must have intriguing information and the ability to entice users to explore the website further.

Instagram users devote a significant amount of time to scrolling through their feeds. As a result, when you aggregate and integrate content on your website, your website visitors are more likely to become attracted and explore the site further, resulting in increased overall engagement.

#2 Make use of dynamic content

Instagram is a big ocean of dynamic content since it is a photo-sharing platform. Furthermore, features like Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, and others on the platform allow users to produce and present a range of material that, when incorporated on a website, may increase the overall content quality.

A tailored and collected collection of photos and videos will automatically display varied content on your website, resulting in increased visitor interest.

#3 Boost your Instagram followers

Brands may substantially boost their Instagram followers by embedding Instagram feeds on their websites. It mostly occurs because website visitors have access to the Instagram feeds you’ve shared.

If your website visitors enjoy the content, they may want to follow you on Instagram by going to your profile and clicking the Follow button. It would eventually result in more Instagram followers.

#4 Use user-generated content to build social proof

Your website visitors are also regular social media users with an active Instagram presence. Instagram users who are brand users make up a big part of the total user population.

The purchasing landscape has evolved dramatically, and firms are aggressively seeking methods to demonstrate their current consumers’ approval. Instagram users freely express themselves and talk about their favorite businesses and goods. Aggregating Instagram content and incorporating it on your website might help you gain the trust of potential clients.

Because it is unscripted and comes straight from your existing consumers, User-Generated Content is an incredibly authentic and trustworthy kind of content.

Furthermore, before making a purchase, more than 85% of potential clients believe the suggestions and remarks of previous customers. This method aids in the development of brand social proof by demonstrating client satisfaction with your products and services.

#5 Improve the appearance of your website

As previously said, Instagram is a very appealing social media network owing to its large and appealing presence. Further putting an Instagram widget on your website has the ability to completely transform the design of your site.

Furthermore, a website’s appearance must be good in order for users to remain longer on the site.

#6 Build brand loyalty and trust

Displaying user-generated content on your Google website gives you the chance to earn public trust by demonstrating your brand’s transparency. This assists your brand in getting a large number of people and allowing your business to flourish.

#7 Reduce the bounce rate

When you incorporate an Instagram feed from numerous channels on your website, it makes it highly interesting for visitors. This also allows your visitors to browse your website with greater curiosity, lowering the bounce rate significantly.

Finishing Up!

This concludes this article, and you now understand why you should incorporate an Instagram feed on your website!

This method is incredibly successful and may assist businesses in taking their business to new heights. Before you finalize the Instagram aggregation tool, make sure you look through all of its functions. Now that you’ve learned everything, all you need is an Instagram aggregator to get started.

You can leverage a tool like the Taggbox Widget that can help in seamlessly integrating Instagram feeds on your website in a process as simple as collecting, curating, and embedding.

Moreover, you can use the advanced features of the tool to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram feed. Now that you know it all, we see no reason why you should avoid using this strategy in your marketing plan!

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