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If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker, you are in the right place. If you want a Bluetooth speaker to assist you with voice calls is more your thing, then Beyerdynamic’s Space (opens in new tab)

priced at $179 may make a great fit for your needs. Our initial testing certainly indicates its strengths in handling voice calls, but you’ll need to wait a bit longer for our full review to fully discover its true capabilities.

How we test the best Bluetooth speakers

Every product on this list is considered the best Bluetooth speaker for one or more standout features, however each must meet basic requirements during our testing to be considered.

We spend several hours listening to music, making calls and toting around every speaker to make sure it sounds great across all music genres, provides solid call quality and withstands minor bumps or splashes.

To determine sound quality, we listen to as many tracks across multiple music genres as possible, including hip-hop, rock, jazz, classical, and electronic, while evaluating volume, clarity and fullness. Movies, podcasts, and video games are also considered, when necessary.

The Best way to choose Bluetooth speakers

If a speaker offers smart features, we enable the supported voice assistant to see how it fares against other top rated smart speakers. We’ll use it to control smart home devices, browse playlists and get answers to other common queries.

We also test battery life, exhausting each speaker’s battery after a full charge to see how long it can last under realistic conditions. A smart speaker connected to

Wi-Fi should last at least 10 hours, while a standard Bluetooth speaker should last around 20. Most people want to know how much play time they can expect when their speaker comes along on a day trip.

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The power house of the Speaker

On this, we test the audio performance using a range of musical genres and stream from various sources, to ensure that these speakers can handle everything from thumping dance tracks to softly-spoken podcasts.

With more years in this game than we’d care to admit behind us, we are truly confident that our star-rated reviews are the best indication of the quality of the Bluetooth speakers on this list.

There are no sales teams involved in our verdicts, which means if we don’t like it for sound, design, usability and features, we simply won’t recommend it.
Wherever you’re planning on using your new speaker, you can be sure that all of the models in this list stand out because they perform well in three key areas: portability, durability and excellent sound quality.

It’s not perfect – it’s heavy as a byproduct of its incredible sound, and it’s expensive due to its rich feature set. This is not a speaker for taking on a hike; it’s for taking into the garden.

It’s also not waterproof, though it is splashproof. But if you’ve got the money, it’s hard to fault Sonos Move when it comes to getting high-quality sound in or out of the home.

What should you see before you buy the speakers?

According to the expert, the loudest Bluetooth speakers are the biggest ones. Sometimes they’re referred to as boom boxes or “party” speakers. Some of those speakers are portable

and have built-in rechargeable batteries while the biggest party speakers literally have wheels on them for transport and need to be plugged in with an AC adapter because they require so much power.

We have a list of the best wireless boom box speakers if you’re looking for a bigger Bluetooth speaker.

their sound or paired together as a left-right stereo pair. Often, the best way to get a bigger sound is to pair two Bluetooth speakers together in a stereo pair.
It may sound obvious, but the number one piece of advice we always offer when looking for a Bluetooth speaker is to avoid opting for the first model that catches your eye.

Yes, it might be a looker, but is it the best model for you?

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The Thing you should know

Moreover, if you want your love for it to still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone, why not read our independent review of the product – and maybe reviews of competing products

we’ve reviewed within that price category – first? You might discover a few features you didn’t know you could get for the money.

Whatever your budget and needs, we are confident there’s a product on this list you will be over the moon with. Need more information on a particular speaker? Each model recommended here comes with a full What Hi-Fi? review attached. Enjoy your music.

Which one is the best for us to buy Bluetooth loud speaker?

Many readers are concerned about how the manufacturing, shipping, and normal use of the products we recommend impact the world we live in.

We take that seriously too, which is why we’ve asked the manufacturers of all our picks to answer some basic questions about materials, life cycle,

and other sustainability issues. While our product recommendations are based completely on the criteria outlined in How we picked and how we tested,

Therefore, we offer this information to supplement the decision of any reader who uses environmental impact as a deciding factor in their purchases. We also recognize that this may not paint a complete picture of a product’s supply chain and life cycle impact.

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