8 Ionic Music Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Right Now


You can’t stay you are a true music fan until you have actually watched a music documentary. these carefully assembled pieces either shed light on the untold truth of the music industry or some of the most interesting artists’ stories. It’s a form of art that you are really missing out on especially if you were particular about getting music networks on your Spectrum T V cable services! Netflix certainly has a solid collection of spectacular music documentaries giving you a glimpse of how it feels to become a rock star.

1: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Much of Bob Dylan’s life is a myth and it is hard to separate romanticism from the truth. The musician spent the last couple of decades of his career opening vaults to bootleg recordings of his most iconic tours as well as albums.

Honestly, this documentary is kind of exhausting because Dylan is both there and not there. Besides these frustrations, you would want to come back and dive into this doc to jump on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour to catch a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, a bit of mischief, and jolting surprises.

2: Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

This documentary on Clive Davis is directed by Chris Perkel and it has been one of his greatest hits! He is one of those music business executives who has brought some of the brightest artists to the industry like Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Billy Joel, and others.

You can also say that this documentary is a loving overview of the life as well as the career of this iconic person with several icons singing his praises. Prepare to see how every music Davis touched has been a hit!

3: Excuse Me, I Love You

Allow Ariana Grande to help you immerse in the world of saccharine pop. Take a front seat to her Sweetener World Tour in London and dive into her dazzling performances. This is basically a concert documentary which is directed by Paul Dugdale. Unfortunately, this doc portrays a very controlled image of Ari and so, don’t expect to learn more about her personality or get some tea on the music industry beyond what appears.

However, the documentary in no way undermines her talent and allure. It’s going to be a delight to see per perform singles like 7 Rings and God is a Women, especially if you are a fan.

4: What Happened, Miss Simone?

Throughout history, several artists have given a new definition to music and Nina Simone is one of them. Her vocals aren’t the only thing that made history, she also contributed as a civil rights activist. In this documentary, you will catch never before seen footage of the singer, including interviews with her family.

This documentary might be an eye-opener as you get to see the jazz singer’s stance as an activist that played a significant role in revolutionizing the music industry.

5: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Some f Kind of Monster throws light on the band’s darkest period. It will introduce you to the bleak realities that are a by-product of fame.

Unfortunately, Lars Ullrich and James Hetfield were at each other’s throats during this time and the world’s most recognized band was falling apart. But the band manages to wither the storm as they hire a group therapist and unleash the repressed aggression and anger, they have held on to for 20 years. The band is able to confront their personal demon as they search for a replacement bass player, create another iconic album, and learn to be more open to each other.

6: Quincy 

Quincy left a huge mark on the music industry and everyone acknowledges that. This documentary walks us through his career and personal life. Interestingly, the documentary is directed by his own daughter, Rashida Jones.

The movie does not really die into Quincy’s life controversies but it does give us an intimate look at his personal life including the time when he was working with Michael Jackson during the Great Depression. Quincy has got some interesting stories to tell for which you most definitely want to stick around.

7: Miss Americana

This is a must-watch for all Swifties. The film takes place as the pop singer begins writing Lover, her latest album.

You will be awe-struck to watch Swift reveal the struggles and inner turmoil she managed to keep from her fans. The movie features home videos, interviews, and tours. And camera footage as she narrates the story of battling dysmorphia and the scurrility. The star has often faced on the internet.

8: Sinatra: All or Nothing at All

This two-part doc movie takes a deeper dig at Frank Sinatra. Telling his life’s story, and how he became the Sultan of Swoon. You will see unseen concert footage and archival interviews including exclusive interviews with his kids.

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