9 Tips For Writing a Convincing Thesis Statement (Examples Included)

Thesis Statement

You have to write a thesis statement on many occasions, such as in research papers, dissertations or essays. While writing any type of essay or paper, you need a strong statement for your thesis as it gives the readers clear guidance about the main idea of your essay. A focused and convincing statement for your thesis provides it with proper direction. It is essential for your academic work, so you should learn some tips to write a powerful one. We have listed nine suggestions that will help you greatly in formulating the best thesis statement:

What is a Thesis Statement?

It is referred to as a single sentence which is a focal point of the main idea of your essay. It can show your reader what will be your position on the given topic. By reading your thesis, readers can decide whether they want to read your essay or not. Therefore, it needs to be convincing. Your essay must have a thesis to:

  • Organize your argument in a better way.
  • Present your main idea in a single sentence and Give the reader an idea about your topic.
  • Give proper direction for your paper.

If your thesis correctly answers your essay’s content, it will accomplish the above goals.

How Can You Write A Good Thesis Statement?

Know Your Interests:

You must have proper knowledge of your thesis statement to write a strong thesis. Select a topic that you already know, or you can learn. Writing a thesis statement about an issue you do not know about is hard. Therefore, it would be best to do proper research on a wide range of topics before selecting one.

Brainstorm Ideas About Your Topic:

Suppose your class’s main topic is pollution and you want to write about pollution caused by plastics in America. You cannot write your thesis statement only about plastic pollution. This won’t tell your reader about your main argument. It will be best for you to brainstorm various aspects of your topic to narrow it down. With more brainstorming, you can find out that recycling can help reduce plastic pollution. You can change your thesis now as:

  • Reduction of plastic pollution through recycling.

This statement is more focused and clear, and you get a better direction of what you want to say after brainstorming. However, you can hire a best assignment writing service in case of any issues.

Take A Strong Position:

After brainstorming on the problem of plastic pollution, you now need to express your position by stating that something should be done to reduce plastic pollution. You can re-write your sentence like this:

  • More focus should be given to the recycling of plastic in America

The above sentence asserts your position for your essay.

Assert Your Idea With Clearly Stated Support:

The above statement is still not a valid thesis statement because it still does not express the main idea. You can finally write it like this:

  • Plastic materials take years to decompose, so recycling plastics must be promoted in America.

You can see that the above statement answers the question, “How can plastic pollution be reduced in America? As you become more involved in your topic, your statement becomes stronger.

Be More Specific:

Your thesis must tell your reader exactly what your essay will focus on. For this, it is crucial to remain as specific as possible. If you are writing 8 to 9 pages of essay on global poverty and you say: Global poverty has many causes and impacts. It is an extensive topic that is not focused and covering it in 9 pages and on time will be impossible. Also, the phrase “any causes and impact” is vague. You must write about specific impacts and causes of global poverty. You can revise your thesis as:

  • Poverty is prevalent in South Sudan because of the unemployment and poor education system.

This statement is more focused as it narrows down your topic into more specific aspects, which are more manageable.

Make a claim:

Your thesis statement must make a claim. It must be an argument that everyone does not think is true. It must inspire a healthy debate.

A thesis statement does not just express your opinion:

Your thesis will not just tell about your idea. It raises a point that can be debatable, meaning your thesis must manifest some indications of why your claim on the thesis is persuasive.

Justify your discussion:

Your thesis statement must show the point of your discussion. If you are writing about your family structure in an essay, you might say:

  • I live in a unique family structure.

As it only tells about your observation, it is not a strong thesis. Your readers may not be interested in it as it is not telling the point of your discussion. You can write a better thesis like this:

  • While the family structure of most American families is nuclear, my family believes that extended family structure strengthens kingship

This statement gives more information, and the reader would be more interested to read the rest of your essay.

Express only one main idea:

Readers must be able to identify the essay’s main idea with your thesis statement. More than one main idea will confuse the readers. It is because your main idea is considered a guidance key to understanding the whole essay. A central concept in the thesis ties all the ingredients of your essay together.


Following the above tips and examples can help you write a convincing thesis statement. These guidelines are enough to learn and practice to ensure you ace your essay in one go. We hope that this will help in your essay or paper writing journey. Working on your topic of interest and getting it focused in a particular direction is the key to writing a winnig statement for your thesis.

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