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Hair transplant surgery is an extremely common and safe type of surgery. It is understood that the need for hair transplants comes from excessive hair loss. Hair loss is common, and almost everyone goes through it. However, the problem occurs when new hair cannot grow in the lost hair’s place. According to the Hair Society, 35 million men and 21 million women worldwide suffer from alopecia or extreme hair loss conditions.

There are various factors involved in the reason for extreme hair loss. These factors include genetic inheritance, hormone imbalances, medical issues, or simply aging. Among these, genetics is the most common reason for excessive hair loss or baldness. Baldness is a commonly used term for extreme hair loss conditions. Out of all the people who suffer from alopecia, every year, about 650,000 of them have hair transplants.

In this article, we will look at three aspects of hair transplants, their advantages, the pre-care and post-care needed for hair transplant surgery, and how to hire the best hair transplant surgeon in India.

Advantages of hair transplant surgery

  • Enhanced Appearance-

The first and foremost and quite obvious advantage of hair transplant surgery is a better appearance. Hair can change the way you look drastically. Having surgery can make you look younger and better. Most people have hair transplant surgery due to aesthetic and cosmetic reasons.

  • Safe Procedure-

The hair transplant procedure is said to be one of the safest ones. This is because they have less possibility of side effects, and nothing is removed from the skin as such. Other surgeries require a lot more incisions.

  • High Success Rate-

The success rate for hair transplant surgery is quite high. According to the statistics, the total satisfaction rating for hair transplant surgery is 8.3 out of 10. With the success and satisfaction rate so high, the surgery seems quite reliable.

  • Permanent Nature-

The surgery is permanent in nature, which means that you don’t have to take unnecessary stress about having regular check-ups or touch-ups. The permanency of the surgery makes it more convenient and worth a try.

  • Better than Alternatives-

Among all the alternatives for hair treatments, hair transplant surgery is the best. It seems perfectly natural. On the other hand, alternatives such as wigs usually look fake and cheeky.

Pre-Care and Post-Care Needed For the Surgery


While receiving hair transplant treatment, it is vital to practice proper pre-hair transplant care. The following hair transplant care must be followed ten days before the procedure:

  • Steroids and hydrocortisone creams should not be used by the patient. This precaution is taken because steroids or the use of such a cream may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.
  • Before the surgery, avoid taking vitamins, especially vitamins E and B, as well as blood thinners and herbal medicines.
  • Drinking and smoking are also prohibited at this time.


  • It is also vital to avoid touching the recipient site and to follow the medications suggested for the best hair transplant care.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, and using nonprescription pain medicines. If you have any type of pain, call your surgeon right away.
  • Do not exercise or engage in strenuous activities for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Only the conditioner, shampoo, and lotion recommend by the doctor should be use for at least two weeks after the transplant.

Basis for hiring the best hair transplant surgery

You can hire the best hair transplant surgeon in India or anywhere around the globe just by following these basic points.

  • Certified Professionals-

You must check if the surgeon is even qualified to perform the procedure or not. The first you can ask a surgeon is to show their certification and credentials to you. This will help you trust the surgeon better.

  • Experience-

Experience plays a huge role in deciding the reliability of a surgeon. The more experience the doctor has, the more reliable they become. However, there exist exceptional doctors with not very high experience. But to play safe, you can choose a more experienced one.

  • Past Patient Reviews-

You can check for past patients’ reviews on the doctor’s/clinic’s website (if they have any). You can also ask for references from the surgeon and before/after images for your mental satisfaction.

  • Do Your Research-

Before choosing a surgeon, make sure that you do proper research on the doctor and everything related.


If someone is looking to have hair transplant surgery, they should do proper research before going through with the procedure. Finding a reliable, trustworthy, and decent surgeon is important since you’re putting your money and trust into the surgeon. Make sure to have realistic expectations and follow all the pre-care and post-care pointers, listen to your doctor’s instructions, and contact them if you feel the uneasiness of any sort.


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