Holiday Gift Guide for Excel Lovers & Data Geeks


Gifts may be considered materialistic wanting, unrealistic relationship standards, etc. But they are an effective way to show affection to the other person. Gifts are a subtle way of saying, “I care.” Today’s world has gained a liking for customized and personalized gifts. In the world of personalized gifts, gift an Excel expert or technology geek one from the below-mentioned carefully chosen and filtered wide array of gifts and show them that extra pinch of love and care, topped with the warmth of noticing their small habits and likings.

Be it Christmas, New Year, thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, or just casual occasions. So, the list can cater to all you can plan for.

  1. Protective eyewear: – Eye and mind are the exhausted organs when you work rigorously with screens and have higher screen times than sunshine hours. Gift your loved one with protective eyewear to prevent the harmful rays of their screen reach their eyes and damaging them. Thus enabling them to ‘see’ the extra mile you went for them by Sprintzeal.
  2. Mouse pad: – Mousepads are prone to wear out within a few days of use. Buying your loved ones with brand new colorful mouse pads can add a touch of newness to their work environment, pushing them harder to achieve their goals.
  3. Books: – Who does not love to spend a nice sunset or sunrise with the smell of a new book harmonized with that of the aroma of a hot cup of coffee? Even individuals that spend a lot of time on screens and at the office, typing away to glory on keyboards, they too will love a well-chosen book that enriches their knowledge, caters to their cravings for updated technology, and takes some time off of their screens. Moreover, some of the best books to gift a tech lover are:-

– The definitive guide to DAX ($49. 00)

– Excel insights ($10 – $30)

– Power query for power BI and Excel ($30. 00)

– The 40 greatest Excel tips of all time ($9 – $25)

– Advanced Excel essentials ($44. 00)

– Pivot table data crunching ($25. 00)

– Resonate ($20. 00)

– M is for (DATA) Monkey ($21. 00)

– DAX formulas power pivot ($40. 00)

– Excel VBA programming for dummies

– The visual display of quantitative information ($29. 00)

  1. Headphones: – Headphones nowadays come equipped with noise cancellation provisions that keep screeching, straining unwanted noises away from the ear, and also increase the hearing capability while in meetings, calls, etc. The headphones thus help your dear ones channel a good part of their concentration to their work over Excel and data rather than having to eavesdrop on fighting in the next cabin. A good option in headphones is the Bose Quiet Comfort 11 headphones which are priced at only $270.
  2. Webcams: – Webcams provide better resolution and neck position for those who bent over (quite literally) their laptops all day for meetings and allied operations. So, a good option for buying a webcam for a technical geek is Logitech C920 Webcam which costs around $100. The pandemic has increased the frequency of online meetings nowadays, which offers a good choice of gifts.
  3. Apple air pods and air pods pro: – These generally come around the cost of $130 – $199.00. The better connectivity to mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and Apple products, helps your loved one jack into their favorite music while hitting the keyboard furiously and maybe ignore the bitter words of their boss!
  4. Keyboards and mouse: – Microsoft Excel Certification technical experts and Excel lovers require the keyboard and mouse to the greatest extent than any other type of employee. The worn-out keyboards and outdated mouse can take a break, and your love can take to liberty with the latest keyboards and mouse.
  5. Tablets and devices: – The technical geeks are too good to be not playing around with their devices. There is a fair chance of them making something wrong with it and rendering the device dysfunctional. Even if they are not, Excel experts have hardly a minute off of their devices. The overrunning of their devices might wear them out easily and thus decrease the efficiency of the individual. Buy the brand new latest smartphones, smartwatches, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. A good choice for such a gift is The Microsoft OneNote Surface Pro which can be bought for only $400 – $1000.00. So, it can be used for typing by hand gesture on the screen or flow typing.

Gifts are a general token of love and maybe gifted regardless of the occasion. But when a person takes care to choose specific gifts for his or her loved ones. Moreover, it makes them more special. Above are several choices of gifts suitable for Excel experts and data geeks.

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