Importance Of Social Listening Tools On Marketing

What is social listening?

It is a marketing technique that helps understand different customers’ reactions through various platforms like social media, forums, blogs, and so on. The focus here is on analyzing customer responses on these platforms rather than looking at individual posts.

The procedure starts with listening to the customers, understanding their needs, and finally, providing them with content matching their requirements.

Why Are Social Listening Tools Important

Social listening is one of the essential tools in social media management that helps you get a clear picture of your customers’ main topics, issues, and concerns. Using the right tool makes the most of the data and information available on social media platforms

Using social listening tools, you can better understand how to provide content that appeals to all your customers’ needs. This helps you get maximum likes, shares, and retweets on your content. 

In addition, you also get to know precisely where the response is coming from and what people are reacting to. This data can be used to see how your content is performing.

Using the right tools makes it easier for marketers to develop better and more targeted marketing campaigns. The right tool can provide detailed insight into consumer behavior that can help you get an edge over competitors.

Types of Social Listening Tools

The following is a brief overview of some of the popular tools you should be using.

1. Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are many social media monitoring tools available on the market. Companies use them to get insight into what people are saying about them, their competitors, etc. 

Some popular social media monitoring tools include Crimson Hexagon, Radian 6, Meltwater BuzziTrust Social, and Smooz.

2. Social Intelligence Tools

When you want to use Social Intelligence and listening tools, you want to find out what people are saying about your competitors. There are a few tools that can help you with this. 

The Agora Pulse overviews conversations and posts on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. You can also get insights into what keywords are used in conversations about your brand name.

3. Social and Online Monitoring Platforms

You can also use social media and online monitoring platforms to get insights into people’s reviews of your business. This will give you a good understanding of the top trending topics related to your brand name.

The Trackur is one of the most popular platforms available on the market. It lets you see what people say about your brand name and other related keywords.

4. Listening Software

You can use listening software if you are looking for a combination of social media listening and intelligence tools. It gives marketers an overview of customer responses on different platforms and lets them see what is said about their competitors.

The Sysomos is one of the most popular listening software available on the internet. This allows you to see what people say about your business on blogs, forums, social networks, videos, images, etc.

How To Gain Better Results With Social Listening?

1. Use a Social Listening Tool Extension For Your Website

The most basic way to use social listening is on your desktop or laptop computer. Doing so allows you to listen to conversations about your brand name and competitors. 

2. Use a Social Listening Tool As Easily As You Would Use Facebook or Twitter

The easiest way to use social listening is to add a tool as a widget or extension on your site. This allows you to see the conversations related to your brand name and competitors even when you are not logged in.

3. Use a Social Listening Tool within Your Email Campaign

Using social listening tools within your email campaigns is the most effective way. You can read about people’s thoughts related to your brand name, competitors, and so on.

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