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Beauty Khan



In this article, we will learn the real name of Beauty Khan, otherwise known as Mamuda Khatun. Beauty Khan is an Indian TikTok star, and her true identity lies somewhere in between model and dancer. In addition to being a TikTok star, she is also a model and dancer. Let’s learn more about her! This is the first of many articles we will write about Beauty Khan. We will explore her dance and modeling career in future articles.

Beauty Khan’s real name is Mamuda Khatun

The internet sensation Beauty Khan is the real name of a Bengali girl who started making videos on TikTok and Instagram. She has accumulated a following of 724K people on her channel. She also appeared in many music videos and collaborated with other YouTubers and social media stars. Beauty Khan uses social media to market various cosmetics and fashion brands. Her videos have received millions of views and are very popular on the platform.

Beauty Khan, who is 5 feet two inches tall, started modeling after graduating from school. Her videos have a very large fan following and social media support. She also has an adorable pet dog named Coco. She is currently managed by SDA Media India, a company that manages several popular YouTube and Instagram personalities. The internet has become a major source of income for Beauty Khan, who has a net worth of $1.3 million.

Born in Kolkata, India, Beauty Khan has a huge fan base on social media. She has appeared in numerous music videos, including Mahi Mera and Kolkata Ki Chori. She also appeared in Zindagi. Beauty Khan is also a social media influencer in India. She was born on March 18, 1999 in Kolkata. She is a Muslim, and has a large fan base on Instagram. Beauty Khan’s Instagram account has over 8.4 million followers.

In addition to being an actress and a content creator, Beauty Khan is a popular social media influencer and YouTuber. She was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, and has been enjoying her success on TikTok and Instagram for over a year now. With a huge fan base on TikTok, she is now able to post videos on other platforms as well. If you are looking for a romantic relationship with a Bengali online star, Beauty Khan is the one for you.

She is an Indian TikTok star

Beauty Khan is an Indian YouTuber who became a viral video sensation. The 19-year-old has a massive fan following on Instagram. She has over 527k followers on Instagram. She is a part of the team a1 Kolkata and her first video received more than 6.6 million likes. Beauty Khan’s first viral video has since gone viral, generating over 77 million views. Beauty Khan is currently studying at Derozio Memorial College, Kolkata, in the Second Year of her degree.

Born in Kolkata, West Bengal, Beauty Khan is the cousin of Jiya Khan. Both beauty and her cousin Jiya Khan have appeared in several videos on the popular TikTok platform. Her boyfriend is Arbaz Mallick. Beauty Khan is unmarried and has only two brothers. She has a pet dog named Coco and a YouTube channel. She has been featured in several music videos and has received a YouTube Silver Play Button. In just six months, she had gained over 13.1 million followers.

A talented dancer and lip-syncing YouTube star, Beauty Khan gained a huge fan base on TikTok. Her videos captivate the audience with hot pictures and funny videos, and her videos have gained millions of followers. Her TikTok id is @cutebeautykhan. Besides TikTok, Beauty Khan has several other social media profiles and has millions of fans on each of them. She is also in talks with various brands to endorse their products.

Beauty Khan is currently 19 years old. She is an actor and singer who has collaborated with various brands on TikTok. In addition to her TikTok account, she has also partnered with brands such as MX player. Beauty Khan also plans to launch a YouTube channel soon. She plans to create different kinds of content for her fans, so watch this space for more updates. And don’t forget to follow her on social media!

She is a model

Born in March 1999, Beauty Khan is a famous social media star from India. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and has a beautiful face. She is a popular TikTok star and a part of the SDA media group. Beauty is also a social media influencer, who is known for her lip-syncing videos. Beauty Khan is studying in an Arts college in Kolkata. She has two siblings, a sister and a cousin named Ziya Khan.

Born as Mamuda Khatun, Beauty Khan is an Indian model and dancer. She has featured in numerous music videos, including Mahi Mera and Kolkata Ki Chori. She also made several music videos of popular Bollywood songs, which have gone viral online. She is now one of the most influential online personalities in India. Beauty Khan was born on March 18, 1999, in Kolkata, West Bengal. She is of Muslim faith and holds Indian nationality. She also loves dancing.

Beauty Khan is a social media influencer who has appeared in Bollywood movies and YouTube music videos. She has over 10 million followers on her Tik Tok channel. She also has a personal YouTube channel with over 500K subscribers and has won a Silver Play Button from YouTube. She has an Instagram account with over 3.7 million followers. She is also in talks with several brands for upcoming projects. Aside from modelling, Beauty Khan also enjoys travelling and dancing.

In addition to modeling, Beauty Khan has made a name for herself through vlogging. She has seventy-four thousand subscribers and uploads videos on YouTube. She has collaborated with many YouTube personalities and social media stars. She also makes money by advertising various beauty and fashion products on her profile. She has appeared in many seminars and has also become a popular TikTok influencer. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

She is a dancer

Beauty Khan began her career by posting funny videos on the TikTok app and quickly gained a large fan base. She uses a combination of hot pictures and videos to keep her audience entertained and captivated. Within five months, she reached 13 million followers. During her college years, she began making TikTok videos and gained an enormous following. She has collaborated with various YouTubers and social media personalities, promoting brands and products.

Beauty Khan is the newest sensation to emerge from the world of TikTok. Her lip-sync videos and other social media posts have gained her an enormous following in India. Her videos have garnered millions of followers, and she has a huge fan base on both Instagram and TikTok. Khan was born on March 18, 1999, in Kolkata, India. She is currently attending an arts college in Kolkata. Her mother and sister are both professional dancers and Beauty Khan has a dog named Coco.

As a dancer, Beauty Khan has achieved immense popularity on TikTok, where she posts a variety of videos. Her Instagram account has over 657K followers. She is in talks with many brands for upcoming projects. In addition to her dancing, she also runs a YouTube channel, which has gained over 500K subscribers. The aspiring actress has appeared in countless music videos and reality shows in Bengali.

Beauty Khan was born on March 18, 1999, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She grew up in a middle class family, where she attended Ballygunge Government High School and currently attends an arts college. She started dancing at an early age and has since been involved in many dance videos on various platforms, including YouTube. Beauty Khan is a Muslim, and has been practicing the religion since she was a toddler.

She is a social media influencer

Despite her young age, Beauty Khan has already found fame on social media. She has gained a large fan base and a significant amount of YouTube subscribers. Beauty Khan began creating videos when she was only 16 years old. Her early exposure to the social media helped her gain a lot of experience, and she continues to grow her audience and make new videos each day. Now, she is a YouTube superstar who has over 500K subscribers.

Aside from YouTube and Instagram, Beauty Khan is active on TikTok and Like Apps. Her work has garnered her more than 640 million likes on the platform. Her personality and positive outlook has gained her a large fan base. This has helped her gain recognition as a social media influencer. While the YouTube video format may seem like an oxymoron, Beauty Khan is not the only social media star in India.

A YouTube sensation, Beauty Khan began her career by creating TikTok videos. Her dance videos gained huge popularity and gained her more than 13 million followers within just five months. Beauty has worked with a variety of other YouTubers and social media personalities to promote various cosmetics and clothing lines. In addition to making money from her online career, she also participates in many seminars. The beauty guru has become a social media influencer with a vast fan base, and is a well-known personality in the beauty industry.

Born in Kolkata, India, Beauty Khan grew up in an Islamic family. She attended Ballygunge Government High School and later pursued her degree in Arts at a Kolkata college. She is also close to her cousin sister Zoya Khan, with whom she has collaborated on many Tik Tok videos. Currently, Beauty Khan is pursuing her graduation at the Derozio Memorial College in Kolkata. Beauty Khan’s videos have gained her a significant following throughout India.

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