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Domelipa is a popular Hispanic model and social media personality. She is especially popular on the video sharing app Tiktok, and has a fan base of over 15.7 million followers. She was born on the 27th of August 2001, but her real name is Dominik Elizabeth Resendez Robledo. Her parents are Norma and Robert, and she has two brothers. In addition to her fame on the internet, Domelipa also works as a fashion model and fitness enthusiast.

Domelipa is a TikTok star

Domelipa is a YouTuber, Instagram personality, and TikTok star. Born on August 27, 2001, she has more than 25 million followers. Her dance and lip-syncing videos are popular with her fans. Although only 19 years old, she already has more than 32 million followers and over 1.8 billion likes. Fans have asked her about her relationship with Rodrigo Contreras, another rising star with a huge fan base.

The social media sensation has a following of 38 million people on her TikTok channel. She makes short videos of her everyday life and coordinates lip-sync moves to music. In June 2018, she became a member of the TikTok collective Strangers Team and began daily blogging on the platform. Her videos have received enormous appreciation and she has even been featured on a cover of T magazine.

The Mexican singer has a growing fan base. She joined TikTok in 2018 under a different stage name. She began posting videos on YouTube about a year before she gained fame as a TikTok star. Her lip-sync videos have been viewed over 50 million times. In addition to being a TikTok star, she also has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account. Her modeling photos are also widely shared on her accounts. In January 2019, she won the Tu magazine’s TikToker to Watch Award.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Domelipa is a Mexican social media personality with a huge fan base on the video-sharing platform. Her mother is featured in one of her YouTube videos. She also has two brothers, Kevin and Gabriel. While her videos focus on illustrating everyday life situations, she also posts vignettes of her life. Domelipa is currently dating TikTok star Rodrigo Contreras. In mid-2020, she dated lika Cruz. She visited Famous Birthdays office in July 2019.

She is a fashion model

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Domelipa grew up in a rich family. While in junior school, she found an interest in dancing and gymnastics. Her parents enrolled her in dance classes, and her videos went viral. She is a fitness freak and has a bust size of 34 C. Her modeling career started at an early age, and she has been working steadily ever since.

Dominik Elizabeth Resendez Robledo is Domelipa’s full name. She was born on August 27, 2001. She is Mexican, and her mother Norma was featured in one of her YouTube videos “Tag de la Mama”. Her two brothers, Miguel and Carlos, also have their own Instagram accounts. In addition to modeling, Domelipa has a wealth of other interests, including fashion and travel.

Domelipa is straight, and she’s currently dating social media personality Kevlex Pazmino. Before Kevlex, she dated Ilika Cruz. Domelipa is also popular on TikTok. She has over 30 million followers and over 530 million likes on her videos on the platform. She has black hair and eyes and has a slim build. She is also a big fan of pets, including dogs and cats.

Do you want to follow Domelipa on Instagram? Check out her glamorous selfies! Her Instagram account has nearly 5.7 million followers and she posts pictures of her daily life. Besides posting photos and videos of herself on social media, she also has a YouTube channel, where she uploads a wide variety of fashion and lifestyle videos. You can follow her there as well! Domelipa is an Instagram star, so keep an eye out for her!

She is a YouTuber

If you’re looking for a new YouTube sensation, you can check out Domelipa’s channel. The YouTuber has 1.7 million subscribers and has been around for just over a year. Her videos are mostly in Spanish, although she does speak English and Latin on her videos. So far, her videos have over 30 million views. Here are some interesting facts about her. Let’s look at some of her most popular videos!

The YouTube star was born in Monterrey, Mexico and grew up in an upper-class family. Her parents discovered her love of dancing and gymnastics when she was in junior high school. Their parents then enrolled her in dance classes, and she soon became a household name. In June 2018, Domelipa began posting on Tiktok. Her videos went viral within weeks, and she has since expanded her following.

While studying in Ghana, she hasn’t yet revealed the name of her school or the course she’s taking. There are a few possibilities, including the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. In addition to her YouTube channel, Domelipa has also made several collaborations with big brands. One of her latest collaborations was with Nike, which promoted their Black Bomber Jacket. The video received 1.3 million likes in four days!

Her videos have over 50 million views, and she is still growing. Despite her popularity on the site, she hasn’t made any plans to move from her hometown in Mexico. While she has been a YouTube star for nearly three years, she’s also a huge Instagram and Twitter star. Her social media presence reaches over 14 million people and has been growing steadily. Domelipa has been featured in a variety of articles and video series, ranging from beauty tutorials to comedy clips.

She is a fitness freak

The Mexican reality television star and fitness fandom’s real name is Dominique Elizabeth Resendez Robledo. She was born on the 27th of August 2001 in Monterrey, Mexico. She has a well-educated family and is of Mexican descent. She also has two brothers. She is 19 years old and is a mestizo. Her parents, who are both well-educated, were also featured in the YouTube video ‘Tag de la Mama.’

Her most popular video is “I am tired”. It features her relationship with her boyfriend, Rodrigo Contreras. The video was uploaded on April 1, 2020, and has since gained over six million views. Her second most popular video has over 5.7 million views. The video was shot with her boyfriend, and is about her love life. She likes black, wine, and eggs, but does not like sauce or cheese. In addition to fitness, Domelipa enjoys partying, and her dream is to open a dance school. Sadly, she fell as a child and broke her elbow, but she continues to work hard to keep her body in shape.

Despite her popularity as a model, Domelipa is also a devoted fitness fan. She often shares modelling photos on her Instagram page. She wears a 34C bra cup size. She has dark brown eyes and black hair. Her measurements are 34-26-38 inches. She also has a 34C bra cup size. These numbers will definitely inspire you to get in shape as well!

The social media star has over 15 million followers. The reason for her popularity is her natural ability to connect with her audience. She’s funny, and shows her sense of humour in her videos. Her wit and sense of humor make her videos an easy watch. In addition to her fitness and natural beauty, Domelipa also has a good sense of style, which fans find endearing. You can see why she is so popular on social media.

She has multiple tattoos

Domelipa has several tattoos on her body. She’s also pierced parts of her body. She has also established an online store with her name and is a fitness fanatic. Although she hasn’t revealed her father’s identity, she is known to have been raised by her father, Kevin Resendez. Her mother, also named Domelipa, hasn’t revealed the identity of her father. She also hasn’t revealed her high school.

In addition to her tattoos, the model also has several heart-shaped inks on her body. Her tattoos are a tribute to her mother, who was her inspiration when she was younger. Besides, she got her first tattoo from her mother. She also has a tattoo that says “I love you” in Spanish. The tattoo is also visible on her back. The tattoos are not only beautiful but also unique, which makes them more memorable.

Along with tattoos on her leg, Domelipa has an impressive social media presence. She has millions of followers on YouTube and has been featured on the cover of a Mexican fashion magazine, Tu. She has also won several awards, including the TikTok to Watch award in the year 2019.

As a social media star, Domelipa has received many offers. She’s worked with various brands, including Pandora, EOS, and Tommy Jeans. Her name has become famous in the fashion industry, as she sells her own merchandise. She’s also connected to TV shows like Raw Talent. She’s trained in dance, and has a bucket list goal to open her own dance academy. She is single as of 2022 and has a number of tattoos.

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