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You may be wondering what you can expect from the social media influencer and actor Josh Richards. Read on for the scoop on the latest news about the actor, including his first look deal with Amazon and TikTok on a woolly mammoth. We’ll also cover his relationship with Nessa Barrett, and what you can expect from his upcoming movies. After all, we love to know how the guys spend their time, and Josh Richards is no exception.

Joshua Richards

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His relationship with Nessa Barrett

Despite the fact that Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett broke up last year, it’s still possible that the pair may be back together. During the first few months of 2019, both Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards were spotted spending time together on social media. But in June 2020, Josh revealed that they were no longer together and took a break. This breakup was not a happy one for the couple, but the pair’s relationship remained in the open for a while. After being separated for a year, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett reopened their social media accounts and posted a romantic video.

While it’s possible that the two remained friends, the rumors about a possible breakup were quickly dispelled. While Josh and Nessa were rumored to be cheating on each other, it was unclear whether they were still together. Nessa Barrett’s relationship with Hossler has been plagued by rumors that she cheated on him with Mads Lewis lookalike. Meanwhile, Barrett posted a TikTok video in which she expressed regret over dating Hossler.

While neither Richards nor Barrett has confirmed a relationship, they have been spotted together on several occasions, including on the BFFs podcast. Barrett’s appearance on the podcast was also mentioned by the BFFs’ Instagram account. The podcast’s Instagram handle posted a video featuring Barrett with Capone’s ‘Oh No’ as background music. Meanwhile, Richards also appeared to be flirting with Barrett on TikTok, commenting on the other’s videos. However, when asked about his relationship with Barrett, he replied, “Nothing.” Brianna Chickenfry, Richards’ co-host, pointed out that the two were seen together at a party, where Barrett was spotted chatting with a friend.

The new couple also has a history of fighting. After all, Nessa Barrett broke up with Josh Richards and a few days later, she publicly announced her relationship with Julie Jisa. She has been seen in public with both men, and he has also tweeted about his ex-girlfriend. Despite these allegations, the couple remain friends, though. And the two have been dating since July 2016.

His TikTok on a wooly mammoth

Despite being an internet sensation, Josh Richards is hardly the first person to do a TikTok. The video phenomenon is now a real-life phenomenon, with over 40 million followers. In addition to his videos, Josh also has a recording deal with Warner Records for 2020. He has also become an investor, helping to launch an $18 million venture capital fund with Marshall Sandman and Michael Gruen.

His vlogs are so popular that it’s difficult to ignore the plight of this creature. The TikTok videos are so popular that Josh has over 20 million followers and has already founded an $18 million venture capital fund. He has acted in films, has a podcast with Barstool Sports, and even has an advisory position at Colossal, a company focused on conservation.

His first look deal with Amazon

Josh Richards has signed a first-look deal with Amazon. As a brand ambassador, he will develop a social media presence for Amazon’s products. Richards will also serve as a spokesperson for the company and participate in other promotional efforts. Amazon already has an 11-year deal with the Professional Football League that expires in 2021, and he hopes that he will provide valuable advice to consumers.

The new deal will also involve the former TikTok star and entrepreneur becoming a brand ambassador for the company. Richards will work on custom social media platforms, first-to-market creator marketing campaigns, and video content for Amazon Studios. Amazon’s partnership with the NFL has helped it add many new properties to its portfolio, including original movies and TV shows. Josh Richards, who rose to fame on TikTok, will also appear in an upcoming comedy movie.

Amazon Studios will also tap Richards’ expertise in social media and will use his social media skills to create personalized content for Prime Video and its streaming service. Additionally, Richards will be a part of the Amazon Studios community and will attend VidCon in addition to creating original content for the streaming service. Although details about the deal are still unknown, the fact that Amazon has acquired exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football is good news for the streaming giant.

His relationship with Julie Jisa

In an interview, Josh Richards clarified his relationship with Julie Jisa. He did not call Julie a TikTok star, but the social media personality does have 18,000 followers on Instagram. Before Josh started dating Julie, he dated the TikTok star Nessa Barrett, who is known for lip-syncing and dancing. The couple spent six months together before breaking up in April 2021. Nessa was in a relationship with Josh’s friend and bestie Jaden Hossler.

After their breakup, the actor revealed he was dating Julie Jisa, a University of Florida graduate. They recently posted a video on TikTok dancing to ‘7am’ by Lil Uzi Vert. Richards had a tight hold on Jisa before the dance, and fans immediately thought they were dating. The two even dyed their hair blonde together, which caused rumors that Josh Richards was dating Julie Jisa.

Before his breakup with Julie Jisa, Josh Richards had dated Nessa Barrett for a year. They were together from October 2019 to June 2020. Josh Richards is a social media sensation with a large fan base on various social media platforms. He is a TikTok star with over 25.6 million followers, 7.3 million Instagram followers, 2.40M YouTube subscribers, and 2.1M Twitter followers. In addition to his relationship with Julie Jisa, he has launched a clothing line called Buddy’s Hard. In January 2020, he gave a speech on climate change at the Consumer Electronics Summit in San Jose, California. In July 2020, he started sharing dancing videos on the app Triller, a social media platform.

After the breakup, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett remained friends for the rest of their lives. The relationship between them was publicized in early 2020, but the relationship was private until the end of 2019. The relationship is now over, but it was the end of the era of Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett’s lovemaking. The couple has remained friends, but their relationship is no longer public.

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