Everything You Need to Know About Wrongful Termination

    Losing one’s job is probably one of the most difficult experiences that a person could have, especially if that job allows you to provide for yourself and your family. Whatever the job is, it is a sad event and a frustrating feeling to have to be fired from it. There are many reasons that your employer might want to end your employment with them, but based on federal laws and state laws that protect the rights of workers, it is illegal to terminate one’s employment due to any of the following: disabilities either physical or mental, race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, political inclination, whistleblowing, reporting harassment either sexual, physical and mental, going on medical or maternity leave, abuse, stalking, talking about income or the work environment, making a complaint, avoiding paying severance, making accommodation requests, filing for compensation claims, violations of the WARN act, and termination without due cause not implied in a contract. If you feel that you have been a recipient of wrongful termination based on the above situations, then you might be able to get compensated for such. You just need to find someone who will strongly advocate for you and your case and seek justice for your situation. The mental anguish, the emotional torture, and the loss of self-worth by being wrongfully terminated in your employment can never be compensated by any amount, but having that light at the end of the tunnel may at least provide that comfort and justice for you. The most difficult thing in this aspect is to prove that your employer did commit wrongful termination in your case and since it will be filed in court, you would need evidence and to package your claim properly so that the court will be able to ascertain that you were illegally terminated. 

What is wrongful termination? 

    Wrongful termination is when an employer terminates the employment of any worker based on the conditions identified by federal and state laws as illegal causes. In reality, in most states in the country like California, the employer is protected by the Fair Employment and Housing Act, in which every person/resident of California is protected from discrimination whatever their immigrant status may be. Furthermore, irrespective of one’s citizenship status, you have been protected by state employment legislation as a California resident. In other words, discriminating against an employee or worker because of their national origin or background is illegal. Californians’ rights, like all Americans’, are protected by federal laws and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If for any reason, you strongly feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, then it is possible that you can make a claim and file a case against your employer wherein you can be reinstated, compensated, or both. All you have to do is to make a strong case against your employer with the help of competent lawyers who specialize in this kind of thing. It is a reality that California, like most places in the country, is an at-will state, which means that the employer can terminate or fire an employee for whatever reason, sometimes there is not even a reason at all. So if the reason cited by your employer does not fall under the at-will provision and violates that of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act then there is cause for the filing of wrongful termination. It will not be an easy battle to win and you will probably get sidetracked and feel hopeless but most employers would try to get out of having to compensate their employees if they can and this is expected of them. Thus, your lawyers should be well-versed in this kind of case and you should not expect any less of them. 

Where to find wrongful termination attorneys? 

    Wrongful termination happens more frequently than most people would like to believe, and with it is the injustice that was committed towards the employee. Some dedicated lawyers specialize in representing clients who have been wrongfully terminated. There are concerns regarding whether it is a winnable case and whether it is easy to prove. Of course, the details of the case will be different for each person, but you can always talk to or consult a wrongful termination lawyer to determine if you have a strong case. But if you do, then you can be assured that the lawyers assigned to your case will do all that it takes to make sure that you are compensated for the anxiety, stress, and hardship that you went through when you lost your job. Not many law firms do work with wrongful termination cases but you can find one in large and highly urbanized cities. You can also do a web search to find law firms with websites that offer information and contact numbers of the lawyers who would take your case. You need however to seek representation and it would be best if the firm is located in the same area as you to avoid costly hearings and traveling, if you know a family or friend who has been wrongfully terminated then you can ask for recommendations or referrals. This way would be easier as you have a point of reference and you will not be starting as strangers which is important in any attorney-client communication and relationship. 

How to work with wrongful termination lawyers? 

    When you decide to hire a wrongful termination attorney, you need to be very honest with what happened to you in the workplace as it will help them determine whether you were a victim of wrongful termination or if it is an entirely different case. The lawyers will sift through your accounts and the documentary evidence that you were indeed illegally fired. The best way to prove that a wrongful termination was committed is to determine the exact reason for the termination, most employers would offer up valid reasons, but at times those are not the real reasons for the termination. Proving that the reason for termination is not the true reason will prove wrongful termination. Hence, the firm can now process claims against the wrongful termination and be able to provide you with financial security. 


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