Top 5 Destination For Students

Traveling is a good way to get over the pressures of the academic year and take some time to kick back and enjoy new scenery. Traveling can be a good way for young Australian students to get to know the world and widen their perspective. Perhaps you have saved up the cash, and are not sure where to go. 

We have gathered five international destinations to travel to and find inspiration. Let’s delve into the top 5 places to travel for students. Share this helpful guide for students on the social platform of your choice and draw more attention to your account with the help of Socialgreg.

  1. Poland, Gdansk

Poland is one of the best countries in Europe that’s very affordable for the students. Gdansk lies in the North of Warsaw and it is surrounded by an eclectic culture. The town features different tours such as churches, galleries, museums and offers unique boat trip. 

The town is known for brewing some of the best beers, and there are beer tasting trips offered by tour companies. You can explore different places, including one of the largest castles in the world known as Malbork Castle. 

The Polish community is known as hardworking and humble, and this is the perfect opportunity to be immersed in a different culture. 

  1. Mexico City

As the second-largest city in the world, Mexico City is an adventure waiting to happen for a young student. Fondly known as the home of tequila and tacos, Mexico City also offers the passionate foodie a wide range of street food to satisfy their pallet for a holiday. 

The city offers the traveling student a unique cultural experience and it is an affordable destination to travel where you can spend a long period of time. And if it’s the studies and assignments holding you back, try Australian Edubirdie to assist with writing services. The expert writers there can help you with all the writing work, ranging from thesis to dissertation. 

As the city becomes more urbanized, it becomes a breeze for the tourist to navigate, yet it remains true to heritage. Mexico is built on a river and the city is said to be consistently drowning and has sunk by 100 meters in the past 100 years. The river is known as Texcoco. 

  1. Johannesburg, South Africa

Known as the City of Gold to its people due to its history in gold mining, the city is one of Africa’s best cities and is the largest on the continent. The city offers the young student reasonably priced accommodation and a host of touring companies to take to some of the world’s most historic sites. 

The city also has a passionate arts community and has a diverse population meaning that you get to experience cultures from all over the world. It is a wonderful city, and its people are warm and friendly. 

The city has been historically rebuilt four times, and it is always undergoing development to improve life for its people and tourists. 

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is an amazing city and known for its rich history and being the home of Lake Michigan. The city is characterized by a breathtaking landscape and a wide range of cultural sites. 

There are also some amazing restaurants and bars to enjoy the nightlife in the city. It is also another affordable destination and offers the young tourist an opportunity to explore American history. 

Some of the main attractions include the Calatrava-designed art museum. During a well-deserved break, the young student can enjoy sightseeing and experiencing some of the water adventures on Lake Michigan. 

  1. Buriram, Thailand

One of the best cities for student travel, this rural province lies in the southeastern province of Thailand and is about 200 miles from Bangkok. It features ancient sites and relics such as the remnants of the Khmer empire of Southeast Asia, making it one of the best vacation spots in Thailand. 

The amazing little village features the grand Phanom Rung temple which tourists come from far and wide to see. The rural area is also a favorite among motorsport enthusiasts due to its rolling landscape and diverse terrain. Since 2018, Buriram has hosted a MotoGP racing event. 


Traveling should be fun, and the best places to visit should not leave you or your parents frantic about costs. Traveling is known as a way to broaden the mind through experiences you would not typically have in your hometown. 

When traveling to a different country, you might need to take shots or get a visa – be sure to know what you need before leaving your country. Above all, traveling is about experiencing new cultures and taking a break from everyday life. There is nothing better than immersing yourself in new experiences and enjoying life from different perspectives.


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