What Is The Best Time To Go To Florida A Helpful Guide

Florida has white sand beaches, delicious local seafood, and some of the best theme parks in the world. That could be why a record-breaking 126.1 million tourists flocked to the state in 2018.

Florida has hot summers, warm falls, and mild winters. But what is the best time to go to Florida? It depends on what you’re looking for.

Let’s explore some of the best times to visit Florida for sunshine, relaxation, and escaping those winter blues. People often search for this type of information. It would be a great topic to discuss in a podcast. If you want more exposure for your channel, make sure to buy soundcloud plays.

What Is the Best Time to Go to Florida for Sunshine

Summer in Florida is a blast. From snorkeling in crystal clear water to paddle boarding along the coast, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy throughout your vacation. You can even link up with Florida Island Rentals to explore a few breathtaking Floridian islands.

If you’re looking for a hot and sunny beach getaway, visit Florida in May, July, August, or September. You’re guaranteed to get sizzling afternoons followed by warm evenings.

What about June? June weather is nice, but it’s also the wettest month in Florida. On average, Florida experiences 7.5 inches of rain throughout June.

While Florida showers can be fast and furious, if you’re looking for a tropical beach vacation, pick a drier month to visit.


May is the start of Florida’s warm season, and it’s the beginning of summer tourism. May is one of the best months to go to Florida if you’re looking for hot days followed by mild nights.

When visiting Florida in May, you can expect average temperatures ranging between:

59° F and 90° F in North Florida

67° F and 89° F in Central Florida

67° F and 92° F in South Florida

Since it’s the start of summer, theme parks and beaches are less crowded compared to mid-summer months, like July or August. That means better hotel availability and fewer crowds.


Not only is the sun shining nearly every day, but Florida is a great place to celebrate 4th of July festivities. From beach BBQs to fireworks over the ocean, many vacationers flock to Florida in July.

If you’re craving a place to perfect your tan, head to Florida in July, which is the state’s hottest month. The average high temperatures in July range from 90° F to 95° F. The sun is hot, and the ocean is refreshing, making it the perfect destination for a beach getaway.


Visiting Florida in August is a little less hot compared to July, but it’s still a scorcher. Many people head to the Sunshine State for one last summer beach trip or theme park adventure before the kids head back to school. 

The weather in August is dry. As long as there are no hurricanes, expect sunny and hot days followed by warm evenings.


September is the last month of summer in Florida, and it’s perfect for people looking to squeeze in a final warm-weather getaway.

After Labor Day, tourism dies down. But the weather remains warm, with average temperatures reaching between 85° F and 90° F during the day. If you don’t have kids, September is an excellent time to take advantage of quiet Florida beaches or plan a romantic island getaway.

What Is The Best Time to Go to Florida for Tranquility

There are a few months known to be Flordia’s off-season. These are the best times for Florida vacationers looking for some peace and quiet.

October, November, and January are slow tourist months in Florida. That means the beaches are sparse, the streets are quiet, and the theme park lines are short. These months are not only ideal for visitors looking to relax, but they are also great for those aiming to vacation on a budget.

October weather is mild. The days are warm and sunny, but not as humid as July and August. The nights are perfect for walking around town. October is normally a dry month, except for the occasional hurricane or tropical depression.

November signals the end of Florida’s hurricane season, so it’s very dry. The temperatures drop slightly lower than in October, but they remain mild. Average temperatures range from 75° F to 66° F. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed.

January is the coldest month in Florida, so it’s not a popular time to visit. The state’s average temperature is 58.1° F. However, many vacationers head to Florida in January because it is calm, relaxing, and affordable.

What Is The Best Time to Go to Florida Fix Your Winter Blues

If you’re suffering from seasonal depression, Florida’s mild winter may be the cure. Many tourists visit Florida in December, February, and March to escape cold northern weather.

December is a popular month for Florida travelers because winter is just beginning. Temperatures reach 71° F during the day. December is a sunny month, so there’s plenty of opportunities to hit the beach and get an end-of-the-year tan.

December is a busy month in Florida due to the holiday season. Many people take advantage of their time off and head to the Sunshine State. Christmastime in Florida is festive and cheerful, with plenty of pop-up holiday markets and fireworks to celebrate the new year.

February and March are optimal months to schedule a quick Florida getaway if you need a break from winter temperatures.

While February is a snowy month for northern states, temperatures begin to rise in Florida. You can expect temperatures between 64° F and 79° F, depending on which region of Florida you’re visiting.

March is the first month of spring in Florida, so most regions tend to be dry and sunny. There are numerous spring flower, garden, and arts festivals happening throughout the state. While the ocean water may be a little cold, the weather is mild and perfect for a leisurely walk along the beach.

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What is the best time to go to Florida? It depends on what you’re looking for.

Those looking for a quiet getaway should visit the Sunshine State in October or November, while tourists looking for perfect beach days will find what they’re looking for during May.

Are you looking for more travel tips? Visit our blog for more hacks on how to make the most out of your next vacation.


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