A VPN service is necessary for your computer or mobile phone, especially if you are a regular internet user. This tool has several purposes, the key being creating a private network on a public one. It allows you to access the content you would otherwise fail to get.

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iTop VPN is a great utility you can try out if you are looking for the most exemplary service. Is iTop VPN worth it? Many people have this question before getting this VPN, as they try to look at its selling points. Highlighted below are some features and attributes of this VPN for Windows that will answer the question. 


iTop VPN is very functional, a critical factor to consider when getting a VPN. This attribute gets a boost from its many resources. It has one of the best-in-class encryptions, which prevent the interception of the created network by the government or ISP. The encryption also enhances its security protocols, ensuring your safety from malware, trackers, malicious websites, and ads.


This utility is convenient, an attribute you will notice in different aspects. First, it is a lightweight program; thus, it will download fast and take little space on your device. iTop has a free version for Windows that is suitable for new users as they can use it for trials. You do not need to sign up for an account to use the free plan. 

You can check the blog section on the website for articles that guide you on using this software. Additionally, you can peruse some videos for the same purpose. Moreover, the product has a 30-day money-back guarantee for refunds.


iTop spares no effort in being one of the most versatile computer utilities. This VPN is compatible with various operating systems, from Windows and Mac to iOS and Android. Furthermore, one account supports up to five devices.

You also notice this tool’s flexibility in its premium plans. You go premium to get more features that are not available on the free VPN. There are three packages to choose from, and each meets different needs. For instance, the 12-month plan is ideal for short-term users, while the 24-month package is excellent for long-term users. The 36-month is also suitable for long-term users who want a decent bargain.

Affordable Plans

As previously mentioned, you need to buy a subscription package if you want more resources for boosted functionality. The subscriptions are affordable, going for $11.99 per month. Currently, iTop VPN offers its products at excellent discounts. Instead of $11.99, you pay $3.99, $2.31, and $1.66 per month for the 12, 24, and 36-month plans, respectively.

Occasionally, you can catch the 6-month package going for $3 monthly. 


A look at iTop VPN’s features and attributes, and you can see it is an excellent tool for your PC. It is very practicable, something that is rare to find. This VPN’s selling appeals are free services, affordable premium plans, convenience, and efficient customer support.

After answering the query on its worth, it is wise to get it for your PC for browser protection.


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