The Future of Email Security

Considering the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, it’s no wonder that businesses everywhere are seeking email security solutions that can provide a strong and dependable layer of protection. However, there are many different email security solutions on the market today. From ESET Mail Security to FortiMail, you’re sure to find one that will work for your company.


Designed for service providers, large enterprises, and carriers, FortiMail is an email security solution that provides multi-layered protection against advanced email-based threats. It protects against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and can be deployed in various ways such as a secure email gateway. Fortinet offers it in several form factors, including hardware and cloud, with no need for individual licenses.

Email security is a key component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Despite the rise of messaging apps, email is still one of the most commonly used attack vectors. As such, businesses need a solution that helps them safeguard against the latest email threats.

FortiMail offers robust spam protection capabilities, end-user controls, and a full mail transfer agent. It has an easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to quickly get started. It also integrates with other Fortinet products to help ensure a secure and reliable environment.

Cisco Secure Email

Almost 10 years after its inception, Cisco Secure Email continues to protect over fifteen thousand mailboxes in organizations of all sizes. This solution offers a wide range of security features that help businesses fight malware and phishing attacks. It is a comprehensive solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment. It is based on a multilayered scanning architecture.

The system’s main feature is the ability to monitor and identify malicious files in an organization’s environment. It does this by tracking messages and checking the reputation of incoming and outgoing emails. It also provides a way to encrypt data and block unwanted emails.

ESET Mail Security

Developed by ESET, the company behind the award-winning antivirus software, the ESET Mail Security solution offers a comprehensive set of features to protect your business from unsolicited emails, malware, and malicious attachments. It also has a built-in anti-malware solution and offers two-factor authentication for enhanced security. The solution can be deployed as a standalone product or integrated into your email infrastructure.

FortiMail is an all-in-one e-mail security solution that delivers the trifecta of performance, protection, and ROI. The product’s architecture offers real-time control of e-mail and makes it easy to implement. It includes email archiving and protection, data leakage prevention, and other security features that will improve your organization’s reputation and safety.

The ESET Mail Security solution includes several features that ensure your business remains protected, even during critical downtimes.

Sophos Email Sandboxing

Using the power of artificial intelligence, Sophos Email sandboxing prevents and stops malicious email threats from reaching end users. The software protects users against phishing and ransomware attacks and prevents data loss and infection from inbound and outbound messages. It also allows users to easily identify risky behaviors.

Sophos sandboxing is part of Sophos Email Advanced, which provides advanced threat protection for businesses. The security solution offers an active and reactive approach to email protection by detecting zero-day malware. Sophos sandboxing helps reduce susceptibility to cyberattacks by as much as 31 percent.

Sophos Email sandboxing can detect malicious behavior on a physical or virtual host. It uses machine learning analysis and file reputation scores to detect and block cyber threats. The solution works with webmail, virtual hosts, and Windows and Mac operating systems.

Trellix Email Security

An email gateway can help keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. It is also possible to use multiple sign-in methods to ensure that the right people get access to the right data.

Trellix offers a full-disk encryption solution that is FIPS 140-2 certified. In addition to encryption, they can provide their client’s data loss prevention (DLP) and device control features.

The Trellix Email Security solution has been designed to keep your email in tip-top condition. This solution is capable of blocking inbound malware and spam as well as protecting you from phishing attacks. It also features advanced sandbox technology to protect your email from unscrupulous hackers. The best part is that it is easy to implement, manage, and maintain.

N-able Mail Assure

Designed to protect organizations from various nefarious activities, the FortiMail email protection solution from Fortinet is a robust tool that helps ensure compliance and data integrity. It also offers several industry-leading features and benefits, including comprehensive threat detection, a full mail transfer agent, and rich reporting capabilities. Its flexible operating modes also allow for easy deployment in various environments.

These services are designed to protect against compliance violations, malicious emails, and malicious embedded links. Aside from providing robust spam protection, the FortiMail system can also provide email continuity and end-user control. It also has an efficient user interface and is available in both a virtual machine and as an appliance.

The FortiMail email protection solution from Fortinet is part of their Security Fabric, a collection of solutions that work together to provide an integrated and unified view of all of your email traffic. Its most important function is preventing your organization from compliance violations, but it can also be used to protect your email from malware and phishing attacks.


Whether you’re looking for a way to protect your email servers against spam, malware, or viruses, Proxmox is the future of email security. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows IT professionals to control all incoming and outgoing emails.

Built on open-source software, Proxmox helps businesses of all sizes get the most out of their server virtualization platforms. The company’s subscription-based support model allows business users to pay for commercial support. Those not interested in paying for support can still benefit from the platform’s free, community-based features.


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