What is a Laser Tape Measure used for in construction?

Laser tape measures or laser measures are reliable tools for measuring long distances accurately. These are indispensable for plumbers, electricians, and construction professionals. Builders, landscapers, and surveyors use laser tape measures to take accurate measurements. Many professionals prefer laser tape measures as they are simple to use and are available in various working ranges and accuracy levels. Laser measures efficiently measure distances across all terrains, making them an indispensable and versatile tool in construction. Point the laser measure to target and record a point of reference – the device will calculate and display the distance to that point with great accuracy.

If you wish to learn about the uses of tape measures in construction, read on how you can get the most out of your laser measuring tape.

Tape measures in construction

Measuring distances

The most obvious and common use of a tape measure is measuring distances. You can use an analogue device to measure distance. But using a laser device allows you to do it in innovative ways. Most laser tape measures can be calibrated to calculate distances in several units, and this feature makes it easier to record more precise measurements.

Furthermore, you can use the laser measure to accurately measure longer distances easily as you don’t have to physically extend a tape or reel from one point to another. Also, as it is a point-and-record device, it eliminates the need for another person to help you measure the distance, and a single person can do the measuring independently.

Double-check the measurement

Laser tape measures make it easy to double-check your measurement on a construction site. You can get the reading again by pointing the device to the target. You don’t have to physically go over the distance or ask someone to hold one end of the measuring tape or reel if you need to double-check the measurements.  

You must get the correct measurement in construction, as precise measurement is the key to every construction job. However, it is also possible that someone did an erroneous reading. A safety supervisor or foreman at a construction site can use the laser tape measure to double-check the measurement and make sure everything is as it should be. It is easy to catch minor errors early with the tape measure. It will give you ample time to fix the mistake and ensure that it doesn’t snowball into a bigger error costing more money and resources.

Measure around the corners

Because of the advanced technology available today, it is possible to use a laser tape measure to measure around corners! It is exciting to note that several laser measuring tapes can “see” around corners, paving the way for the engineer or supervisor to capture complex measurements more easily.

The only catch is that you may need additional accessories, such as a corner target plate for measuring around the corners. However, this small tool offers exact measurements of a whole room with minimal effort. Several laser measures can be programmed to capture around-the-corner measurements in various formats so that you can gather data compatible with your plans.

Ease of use, lightweight, and high accuracy are the main features of laser tape measures, making them dear to construction engineers and workers. Click here if you would like to place a bulk order of high-quality, reliable laser tape measure at affordable prices.


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